Sizing Guide

Use the guide below to find the perfect fit

Our sizing chart has acommodated for growing room.
If the foot measurement lands in between, order a size up.

US Size456789101112
Inches4 1/2"4 3/4"5 1/8"5 1/2"5 3/4"6 1/8"6 3/8"6 3/4"7"

How to measure using our Printable Size Guide

Measure with socks on if the child intends to wear them with shoes.

If the child’s foot measures in between lines, move up to the next available size.

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Step 1

Fold paper on dotted line and set against a wall, preferably on a hard and flat surface. The fold should be at a 90° angle for the most accurate measurement.

Step 2

Place your kids' heel against the paper fold against the wall. Measure both feet and mark the end of the longest toe to determine size.